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Sodic West

Bringing together the fundamentals of residential, social and commercial life in one cosmopolitan city, SODIC West is a community like no other.

A vibrant, spacious community where one can live, work and enjoy themselves in comfort; SODIC West provides all the amenities of downtown living.

SODIC West is the largest mixed-use development in Egypt's Sheikh Zayed area and is double the size of Zamalek.

SODIC West is made up of several developments interwoven together to create an Egyptian destination like no other: Beverly Hills, Allegria, Westown , CASA, Designopolis and The Strip.

Westown Hub, SODIC West's vibrant downtown is the heart of SODIC West, with many shops, restaurants and cafes residing in Westown.

Blocks in Westown include Forty West, The Polygon Business Park and Westown Residences.

SODIC West offers a range of residential, commercial and retail products to cater to your needs and aspirations.

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